Homeless in L.A.

It is unfathomable to me that one letter after another lamenting the plight of the homeless in Los Angeles is published in The Times (Feb. 13). From whence comes this recurring theme that we “owe” something to the unemployed, unsheltered, unwell, etc.?

In my own family I have seen the results of well-meaning, overly generous people handling the cases for others who won’t, can’t or aren’t willing to help themselves. Our societal attitude to provide “womb-to-tomb” care for the leeches of our culture is perpetuating the worsening homeless situation, not helping it.

It is a well-worn and true adage that “God helps those who help themselves.” If we don’t leave well enough alone, a handful of hard-working conservatives will be expected to shoulder the burden for providing shelter and food for thousands of bums, albeit “fresh scrubbed” or otherwise.

How did people survive in the days before welfare, free shelter, free meals, Medicare, Medicaid, ad nauseum?


It turns my stomach.