Letters : Redondo Resident Praises Goddard

Barbara Doerr listens but doesn't hear. Jerry Goddard listens, hears, decides and acts.

Barbara Doerr talks but doesn't do. Jerry Goddard talks when he needs to get something done.

Doerr walks--only to ribbon cuttings. Goddard walks--the extra mile to reach workable solutions.

Doerr offers another four years of do-nothing politics. Goddard offers a choice: foresight and community.

Doerr smiles but her mind stays rigid. Goddard smiles and means it.

Doerr has been mayor for four years and hasn't learned the job. Goddard has been a successful councilman for two terms and has wide community support for the mayor's position (for example, groups of police, women, lifeguards and teachers all support Jerry Goddard).


Redondo Beach

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