Recovery Support

We have been attending San Marcos City Council meetings on a regular basis for many years.

We attended almost every hearing that was held on the Resource Recovery Centers. We feel our San Marcos city councilmen acted in a very responsible and considerate manner during the hearings, even at times when the conduct of the opposition was so disrespectful that anyone would have good reason to not be considerate.

There were a number of people who spoke against the project--90% of them were not San Marcos residents. They lacked applicable facts and had no reasonable arguments to back their case. Scare tactics and threats were the thrust of many of their communications.

The majority of San Marcos residents who spoke during the hearings were in favor of the project and keeping the control of revenues in San Marcos. We were part of that group.

There is overwhelming evidence that Resource Recovery Centers will go a long way toward solving some of the growing problems we have created with our throwaway society.



San Marcos

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