More defendants settled stock fraud charges.

Thomas W. Reid, Peter Vito and B&M; Investments Inc. settled charges that they joined in a scheme to buy $10 million in stock of First City Properties without paying for it, the SEC said. Under consent orders, the agency said, Reid agreed to pay $124,700 to an Indianapolis securities firm, from which he had purchased $2.5 million of the stock, and $35,000 to E. F. Hutton. Reid turned over to the SEC a lien on his $2.5-million yacht and his equity in a Texas ranch to guarantee the payments. In the future, Reid, Vito and B&M--a; company owned by Rind and his wife--must present a copy of the court orders to any brokerage with which they do business or any bank to which they apply for a loan using securities as collateral. Three other defendants, including former Sherman Oaks stockbroker Maurice Rind, settled earlier.

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