Doctor Visits Scientists Church College

United Press International

A doctor was allowed today on the campus of Principia College, the school for Christian Scientists that was struck by an outbreak of measles, to examine four children suspected of having measles and to observe nearly 30 students in isolation.

The measles outbreak at the college 30 miles north of St. Louis has been directly linked to two deaths and is suspected in a third. A total of 111 measles cases have been verified since the outbreak began in early January.

Mary Huck, a spokesman for the Illinois Department of Public Health, identified the doctor as Steven Wassilak, an epidemiologist from the federal Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

Two of the children are said to be girls, aged 1 and 12. All four are children of school employees and have clinical symptoms of measles. No other information was available about the two remaining children.

No Medical Treatment

Huck said the doctor was allowed to examine the children but not to give any medical treatment. Wassilak was allowed to advise parents on what medical steps they should take.

In addition, Wassilak was to observe the students who remain isolated from the rest of the school's approximately 700 students. They have been diagnosed as having active cases of measles and are confined to an area school officials call the "special care unit."

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