Assembly Bills Introduced:

Open Primary Elections: AB 1313 by Assemblyman Alister McAlister (D-Fremont) would let Californians vote for candidates from any political party in primary elections.

Alcohol and Gasoline: AB 1433 by Assemblywoman Jean M. Moorhead (D-Citrus Heights) would prohibit the sale of alcohol and gasoline at the same retail outlet, such as a convenience store and service station.

Firearms: AB 1509 by Assemblyman Art Agnos (D-San Francisco) would prohibit the sale of firearms that can be converted to automatic weapons or machine guns.

Senate Committee Action: The Senate Rules Committee unanimously approved an Assembly-passed bill to increase legislative salaries by 10%, from $33,732 to $37,105 a year, starting in December, 1986. A 4-0 vote sent the bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Louis J. Papan (D-Millbrae), to the Senate Appropriations Committee for further consideration.

Bills Introduced: Marijuana: SB 853 by Sen. John Doolittle (R-Citrus Heights) would require a mandatory prison sentence for anyone convicted of planting, cultivating, harvesting, drying or processing more than 50 marijuana plants or 20 pounds of marijuana.

Judges' Salaries: SB 857 by Sen. Alan Robbins (D-Van Nuys) would increase Municipal Court judicial salaries from $66,449 to $70,763 a year, starting next Jan. 1.

Service Station Restrooms: SB 826 by Sen. Bill Greene (D-Los Angeles) would require service stations to provide "clean toilet and hand-washing facilities in good repair."

Miscellany Tax Amnesty: California's successful tax amnesty program has reaped $49 million in back state taxes so far--$36 million in personal income taxes and $13 million in sales taxes, according to the Franchise Tax Board and the Board of Equalization. The program, a one-time chance for taxpayers to pay back taxes without penalty or prosecution, ends March 15. The state then will step up efforts to catch tax dodgers. The amnesty program motto: "Get to us before we get to you."

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