Shamrock Holdings named its takeover partners.

The private company, owned by Roy E. Disney and his family, said its limited partners in the $23-a-share bid for Central Soya Inc. are subsidiaries of Transcontinental Services Group N.V. of the Netherlands Antilles and J. Rothschild Holdings of London. The English firm owns 27% of the Dutch company. A new Shamrock subsidiary, Shamrock Ventures Inc., would put up $50 million as general partner. The Dutch firm would invest $25 million and the London firm $7.5 million. Other partners can be brought in by Shamrock without a vote of the others if the new investment doesn't exceed $17.5 million. The partnership will terminate next Jan. 31 if the investment group fails to acquire 75% of Central Soya. Shamrock and its partners now own about 5.9%.

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