San Diego

Representatives of Balboa Park's museums asked a City Council committee Wednesday to consider adopting a four-point program to improve the safety of the park. Arthur Ollman, executive director of the Museum of Photographic Arts and chairman of the Committee on Park Safety for the Central Balboa Park Assn., asked city officials to provide more lighting in parking lots and vandal-proof lighting in park restrooms. Also, Ollman sought increased police protection with a single "park beat" and an increased "police profile" in the park. He also asked for improved paramedic response in the park and the installation of an emergency helicopter landing pad near the fountain on the Prado. In addition, Ollman sought a coordinated public relations effort to discuss any new measures to improve safety. The council's Public Services and Safety Committee referred Ollman's request to the city manager's office, which is to offer a major report on park safety in April. The park's safety or lack thereof has become an issue in recent months with growing complaints of vandalism and theft. The issue gained momentum last month when Old Globe Theatre actor David Huffman was slain in a park canyon at midday.

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