U.S. Postal Service and Free Speech

The scandalous action of placing a letter of warning in the personnel folder of Postal Clerk Bruce Webb, thus seriously interfering with his right under the first Amendment to freely express his opinion, is a reprehensible attack against the civil liberties of all postal employees under the wing of Van Nuys and possibly the postal service as a whole.

This all came about as a result of Webb's published letter, which praised the postal service, "Despite some of the worst management in modern industrial society."

What makes this attack against free speech so scary is the possibility that if this brazen attempt to shut down the First Amendment by certain postal officials in the San Fernando Valley is successful it can spread to other areas of the postal service.

Another factor to seroiusly ponder is the chance that it may only be the first step in a concerted attack against other aspects of the Bill of Rights.

This dangerous situation brought about by the nasty action of unthinking postal officials can result in irreparale damage to the postal service, which may never be undone.

It will hand employee morale a staggering blow from which it may be very difficult to recover.

Van Nuys management must come to its senses immediately and reove the letter of warning from Webb's folder or the results may be far more than they bargained for.


Van Nuys

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