The Teaching of 'Family Subjects'

The hotly debated proposal to expand Family Life curriculum in the Capistrano Valley Unified School District should be a flag for parents and taxpayers everywhere to find out exactly what schools are teaching our children. Many parents are questioning the judgment and ethics of school districts administering therapy education (Program Self-Esteem, value clarification) to children without their knowledge or consent.

The district proposal for the Family Life curriculum, which includes abortion as a means of birth control, homosexuality as an alternate life style, value clarification as a decision-making process and suicide education, embraces a philosophy of secular humanism--one that believes in no absolutes, no right or wrong and that moral values are self-determined and situational.

Why is society facing so many unwanted pregnancies, drug abuse and promiscuity? The district administration answers that parents aren't doing a good enough job educating children in these areas, so the state must take over via the schools.

As a parent, I would not accept either side of this complex issue without becoming familiar with secular humanism and what it is trying to do.


Dana Point

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