Culver City

The City Council voted 4 to 1 to hire a firm to auction 90 guns confiscated by the Police Department. The sale is expected to bring in more than $5,000, according to Assistant Police Chief Jan C. Mennig.

Councilman Paul Jacobs voted against the proposal.

"I want to suggest my abhorrence to any city making these firearms available, particularly for financial gain," Jacobs said. "It does not seem like an appropriate activity for a city to be involved in."

Mennig said the guns have been confiscated over several years and will be auctioned by Roger Ernst and Associates in Northern California.

"It is unlikely that they (the guns) will be sold to crooks," Mennig said, "because when they want this kind of gun they will go out and steal it. Most of (the guns) will go to average citizens."

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