Say it isn't so: Calendar ads for New World Pictures' "Fraternity Vacation" with bottles of Sea & Ski and cans of Sunkist drinks built into the design layout? Is this Hollywood's latest cost-cutting-ad-cross-merchandising technique?

Can we now expect MGM ad layouts for re-issues of Garbo's "Camille" to contain an illustration of the lady coughing and clutching a bottle of Vicks Formula 44 Decongestant?

Let's cut out this new advertising "technique" before it gets out of hand.



A New World spokesman said it had a fairly typical trade-out agreement with the manufacturers of Sea & Ski and Sunkist. They provided their products free during the making of the film and later helped New World with "Fraternity Vacation" radio promotions that gave away Sea & Ski tote bags, T-shirts, etc. New World inserted their products in newspaper ads as an act of good will.

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