Dispelling Myths of Mental Illness

Regarding the Long Beach halfway house (Southeast / Long Beach section, May 4,5), I am a registered nurse who has done psychiatric nursing.

I would like to see the neighbors of that house get acquainted with the mentally ill young people who live there.

There are many myths about the mentally ill that simply are not true.

The article mentions that several of the tenants of the halfway house have schizophrenia. People who have schizophrenia aren't any more violent than the rest of the population. From my experience in caring for them, I have found them to be shy and quiet.

It would be helpful if more people would visit such houses and also mental wards of hospitals. You would be surprised how peaceful such places are. Those patients have suffered and have learned a lot about life and living. I have found such patients to be especially friendly and loving.

The mentally ill are the most discriminated against of any minority group. It is so cruel to treat ill people in this way. Rather than rejecting them, let us help them to regain their health.



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