Baby Boomers

I'm very confused with all the articles on the "baby boomers" with reference to 25- and 30-year-old people (birth dates in the mid-'50s and beyond). I always considered myself a product of the "baby boom" era being born in the mid-'40s. Have I been misled all these years, or is this a new baby boom we are reading about?

Perhaps it's like "rock 'n' roll" today. We all know the original "rock 'n' roll" began in the '50s and bears no resemblance whatsoever to what is so-called that today.

Is there a rule somewhere that allows the mysterious "they/them" to use old name tags for new things at whim? For the sake of us more mature folks, and to prevent confusion, I think "they" should at least number these new things so that we can keep track--"baby boomers II," for instance.


Baby Boomer I

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