'Budget Pain'

The article by Gov. William J. Janklow of South Dakota (Editorial Pages, May 7), "Budget Pain Is Bearable--if It's Equal," is right on the button--excellent.

The nation needs to promptly take a substantial step toward fiscal sanity. That need not be intended to be the final answer but a means to obtain needed information for later adjustment. For example, enact a 5% payroll tax on all employers of five or more people. "Payroll" to include all personal service contracts. The tax to be levied on the employer to be passed on to his customers and final payment by users of the goods or services.

As the governor says, the Congress is not likely to do this. If it does not, the voters should defeat all incumbents at the next election. To be realistic, as Janklow is, it is improbable that the voters will do any such thing. The sad truth is that the voters are responsible for all our national troubles. Yet that is not because they are stupid or don't care. They just don't have the time to work, satisfy the needs of their families, and study the national problems in enough detail to vote intelligently. This is one of the problems of our form of democracy that needs a lot of thought.


Santa Ana

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