Restoring Trains

In a time when U.S. passenger trains are a most endangered species, it's very heartening to read of one train that has recently been restored to service (April 14). I also like the fact that the "trainman" is a woman, and that the Cape Cod and Hyannis Railroad cars have retained their classic look, including a diner lit with an incandescent chandelier rather than the usual fluorescent tube. That's what I call genuine progress.

But more important, I rejoice that a citizen by the name of Mark Snider persevered in bring the train service back to life, a life taken in 1959 when highways were built in that area.

I favor the train because of its safety record . . . and what about the automobile cost to the environment in air pollution and urban congestion? Those elected to best protect their constituents' welfare, and the places they live, have not done their homework on this issue. . . .


New York

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