‘A Boost for Mental Health’

Thank you for your editorial support of the passage of AB 2541, which would fund the mental health system “to make a difference.”

My family has had two victims of brain disfunction, a 21-year-old with schizophrenia and a 75-year-old with Alzheimer’s disease. Both diseases are mysterious in origin but physical in nature and progressive. One does not have to have taken drugs to be ill with schizophrenia; unknown before the Industrial Revolution, it is increasing rapidly. Alzheimer’s was rare 100 years ago but it also is increasing rapidly. There is no known cure for either disease.

It is very difficult to care for our flawed loved ones. But love them we do. And care for them we do, as best we can. But there are those not quite so fortunate who wander through the streets misunderstood in their strangeness. They are usually gentle people who do not victimize but are themselves victimized.

With support such as that of The Times the public will become more aware of the needs of the mentally ill; with assistance from Sacramento, funds will be available to help these same people. Mental health is truly everyone’s problem.



Olympic Valley, Calif.