Museum of Tolerance

One can only hope the California Legislature will heed your editorial advice and not contribute $5 million for the Simon Wiesenthal museum.

As one who has been passionately involved in the effort to alert the community to the danger, and taking a good share of abuse, I would urge, as I have been doing since SB 337 was introduced, the governor recommend, and create a State Holocaust Commission, and consider ways to memorialize these infamous historical acts of genocide in the hope it will educate people to the eventual result of hate preachments.

And, as I have been urging for years, we need law to protect individuals and people who are "different," and targets for hate. One means may be prohibiting advocates of bodily harm, because one is born into another group, or practices a different religion, from polluting the democratic-rights atmosphere that we cherish for individuals.


Pacific Palisades

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