Placentia : Elementary School Will Mark 25th Anniversary


In 1960, children carrying their books, papers and crayons formed a long line and followed their teachers from what was then Bradford Elementary School to the new Ruby Drive Elementary School down the street.

Today, Ruby Drive celebrates the 25th year since the year students moved from their old building, which is now part of Valencia High School.

To celebrate the silver anniversary, officials plan festivities throughout the day, including the burial of a time capsule containing messages from the school’s 640 kindergarten through third-grade students.


When the capsule is reopened in another 25 years, a few of the kids may be surprised with what their aspirations were in 1985, such as:

Sarah Lasswell, 9: “I will not be married. I will live on a circus train and be a clown.”

Tina Perez, 8: “In 25 years, I will be taking college for a violin teacher. I will be living in Germany and be married.”

Bryn Keller, 8: “I will be a computer scientist. I will live in an island.”

The children will celebrate the school’s birthday in the daytime, while alumni, staff and community members will join at 7 p.m. in a ceremony at an outdoor stage of the school’s east playground, 601 W. Ruby Drive, Principal Judy Glick said.