Trustee Race

Your article (May 21) on the runoff election for board of trustees of the Los Angeles Community College District between Art Bronson and Richard Ferraro conveyed an impression that was as faulty as Ferraro’s memory. Bronson did debate Ferraro subsequent to their encounter at Los Angeles Valley College. They, along with other candidates for Office No. 2, met at Los Angeles Pierce College on the evening of March 26.

At that time, Ferraro and a spokesperson for the absent candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party did make essentially unfounded and irresponsible remarks about Bronson’s performance in office as well as the administrative leadership of the Community College District to which Bronson quite naturally took exception.

Following that debate (which is available for viewing on videotape), the student body president of Pierce College, who prior to that occasion had been in frequent debate with Bronson on a variety of issues affecting students within the Los Angeles Community College District, felt moved to author a resolution endorsing Bronson’s candidacy in the runoff election. The resolution was adopted unanimously on April 30 by the members of the Pierce College Student Senate.



Woodland Hills

Moyer is assistant dean of student services and student government adviser at Pierce College.