Student Loans Director Retires Under Fire

Associated Press

Arthur Marmaduke has retired after 25 years as director of the California Student Aid Commission, under fire from Republican legislators who faulted him for $190 million in delinquent student loans.

“The situation got nasty,” Marmaduke, 59, said Friday after announcing his retirement. He said the pressure, particularly from state Sen. John Seymour (R-Anaheim), reinforced his plans to retire from the $58,000-a-year job.

Marmaduke’s successor will be appointed by the 11-member commission, seven of whom were appointed by Gov. George Deukmejian.

The commission awards scholarships, grants and fellowships and guarantees loans to more than 300,000 California students each year. Since 1979, when it took over administration of federal programs, it has guaranteed more than $3 billion in student loans.


Legislative Analyst William Hamm, the Legislature’s nonpartisan budget adviser, recently criticized the commission for inept management, and a private study ordered by state Sen. James W. Nielsen (R-Woodland) called for a major overhaul of its operations.