Prayer and the Joint Chiefs

Thank you for publishing a superb letter from the chief of naval operations, which responded to Bob Toth's article (Dec. 30, 1984), "Role of Religious Faith at Pentagon."

The admiral alludes to a problem that is more menacing to America's survival than is the combined threat of Russian missiles, pollution of the environment, crime in the streets, and deficit spending. A more grave challenge, by far, is how to reverse a steady trend toward the corruption of basic American values.

But it is those lesser problems that dominate the media, and so it is reassuring to hear about the affirmation of faith within the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Undermining our moral values is a fundamental tactic of Communist strategy. The Supreme Court has recently abetted that strategy by rewriting the Constitution with radical second-guessing of the Founding Fathers. In doing so it has bred national permissiveness that among other things desecrates marriage, promotes pornography and a disrespect for authority, and of late has even outlawed God!

Watkins said his letter was intended to lend balance to Toth's article. That is good and thank you again for printing it.

And finally, thank God for the joint chiefs who still respect the values of our Founding Fathers.



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