'Defense Industry Welfare Queens'

I was wondering how our many sticky-fingered defense contractors celebrated the recent Memorial Day weekend. I would imagine that they all sat back and enjoyed a good belly laugh at the thought of the poor unquestioning soldiers who die with their faces in the dirt while they steal public money by supplying our troops with outrageously overpriced military hardware.

This would appear to be an especially hideous form of profiteering. Alas, the rightful stigma of shame is absent in the minds of their corporate executives, as we are curtly left without a well-deserved humble public apology.

More intriguing is the fact that their lofty status seems to afford them sanctuary from criminal prosecution, while the average working stiff like myself could end up incarcerated for an unpaid traffic citation.

This failure to prosecute due to status can only erode that hallowed American precept that all men are created equal.


San Diego

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