North SDSU Campus Wins a VIP ‘Maybe’

Times Staff Writer

Gov. George Deukmejian said Tuesday “there probably is a need” for a California State University campus in northern San Diego County.

The governor’s statement, at a press conference here, came very close to an endorsement of a bill by Sen. William Craven (R-Oceanside). Some of Deukmejian’s top advisers have expressed opposition to the bill.

“As a member of the board of trustees of CSU, I have heard and received information to the effect that there probably is a need for another campus in north San Diego,” Deukmejian said. “But we first need to have a very thorough, complete study and we would support that.”

Craven’s bill, which he introduced March 7, appropriates $250,000 for a feasibility study on the need for a satellite campus of San Diego State University in the growing North County area.


The bill also authorizes a search for a 200- to 400-acre site for the satellite campus.

“I was very happy to have the governor’s public statement,” Craven said.

“I had not had any discussions with him personally at all. But I have a tendency to look at this bill as a no-problem bill.”

SDSU spokesman Rick Moore said it was his understanding that Deukmejian’s education secretary, William Cunningham, and the Department of Finance have dropped their opposition to Craven’s bill.


“But I’m glad to hear this statement,” Moore added.

University officials have said that another campus is needed because SDSU facilities are overburdened and that students commuting from North County have a long drive.