New Grand Jury to Be Empaneled July 1

Times Staff Writer

A new Orange County Grand Jury of 19 members and 10 alternates has been chosen and will be empaneled July 1 when the 1984-85 grand jury is discharged.

Superior Court Judge Francisco P. Briseno will select a foreman from the grand jury members later this month.

The new members are:

Nancy A. Baird, 49, of Los Alamitos, a former dental office manager; Marilyn C. Brewer, 47, of Yorba Linda, a former administrative assistant; Joan G. Cernich, 45, of Laguna Beach, a former banker; Gerald M. Charlton, 54, of Fountain Valley, a science teacher.


Elaine A. Craft, 56, of Huntington Beach, a volunteer; Suzette S. Giannini, 41, of Orange, a substitute teacher; Marvin H. Gonsior, 63, of Fullerton, a retired business manager; William D. Hoskins, 55, of Placentia, a retired FBI employee; Virginia A. Kleerup, 47, of Villa Park, a former orthodontic assistant.

Pessa S. Klipstein, 73, of Santa Ana, a retired medical illustrator; Leonard L. Lahtinen, 51, of Anaheim, a teacher; Barbara L. Mozan, 43, of Huntington Beach, a bookkeeper; Joseph D. Rudolph, 56, of Buena Park, a retired salesman; Beverly J. Sinclair, 42, of Anaheim, a speech therapist.

Elaine F. Smolin, 49, of Garden Grove, a former secretary; Elizabeth Tierney, 42, of Newport Beach, a former college teacher; Harold Viall, 56, of Anaheim, a Realtor; Jess D. Watson, 64, of Laguna Beach, a retired food management executive; and Leonard Watts, 51 of Santa Ana, a security officer.

The alternates are:


Leo Arranaga, 59, of Newport Beach, a retired school administrator; Elva L. Ellis, 42, of Anaheim, a former Realtor; Ichiro Endo, 64, of Huntington Beach, a retired military serviceman; Norval J. Granz, 64, of El Toro, a retired school principal.

Patricia A. Johnson, 40, of Anaheim, a former nurse; Gerald L. Lillich, 59, of Mission Viejo, a Fluor Corp. administrator; Duane W. Lunde, 62, of Fullerton, an investor; Thomas S. Miller, 81, of Santa Ana, a retired buyer; Mary V. Reed, 47, of Santa Ana, a writer; and Jefferson D. Steenbergen, 58, of Garden Grove, a retired insurance manager.