San Marino Presentees to Be Feted for ‘Free Time’

Times Staff Writer

The San Marino Area Chapter of the National Charity League has a bundle of parties planned to honor young ladies who have collectively over the past six years donated 10,000 hours of service to the Girls’ Club of Pasadena, the Crippled Children’s Society, Huntington Memorial Hospital, Kidspace, Pasadena Art Workshop, senior citizens and libraries.

The debutante announcement tea was last weekend at the Huntington Sheraton Viennese Room. Debutante parents will party Nov. 10 at the home of the Mitchell John Miliases. Debutantes and their mothers will attend the luncheon Dec. 5 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Frederick King. And the ball itself is scheduled Dec. 22 at the Huntington.

Overseeing it all is Mrs. Hugh Mansfield Grant, ball chairman. Mrs. Scott Wilcott is adviser. Mrs. Richard Alvin Wallen is board president.

Mrs. Richard Nelson Dick heads the etiquette committee. And more on the committee are Mmes. James M. Saxton, John A. Havens, John Kristoffer Popovich, Dennis A. Shannon, William Roberts, Ronald L. Varner, James A. Crabtree, Stephen Anthony Foto, Thomas F. Kibler, James A. Bolton, Donald S. Titus, Wendell R. Mortimer, Stanley Lance, Lee A. Grund, Garret E. Weyand and Theodore R. Seden.


More than 180 members of Occidental College’s President’s Circle will honor President Richard C. Gilman for 20 years of leadership and service to the college tonight at the Sheraton Grande.

We hear that Gilman will reflect on his two decades at the Oxy helm.

Members of the college’s board of trustees and their spouses expected to attend include Patty and Roy Disney, Shirley and Seth Hufstedler, Nancy and Leonard Janofsky, Susan and Fred Christie, Keith and Bill Kieschnick and the Rt. Rev. and Mrs. Robert Rusack.

It’s black tie.


Mrs. Bud Austin heads Pitzer College’s fifth annual Film Benefit on Friday evening at Universal Studios. Cocktails and dinner precede “Fletch,” starring Chevy Chase.

To raise scholarships, doing their best fund raising are Jean Barash, Kathleen S. Blunt, Maria D. Hummer, Deborah Bach Kallick, Camille Lombardo, Katherine Cone Keck Moses, Ann Tierney, Janet Caffardo Yoss, Maggie Habecker Vizio and the Mmes. Eli Broad, Arnold Golieb, Peter S. Gold, Glenn A. Hastings, Felix Juda, Harold J. Meyers, Frank Nathan and Chadwick F. Smith.

The Howard Jones Memorial Award Foundation brunch Sunday honoring USC Coach Ted Tollner and Mrs. Tollner was supposed to be at Perino’s. It’s been switched to the Los Angeles Music Center’s Pavilion dining room.

Alex and Ruthie Atanasoff will be among the hosts.


The Army is 210 years old and officers and directors of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Assn. of the U.S. Army will celebrate the anniversary with the Army Ball on Saturday at the Beverly Hilton.

It’s a Salute to Youth and honors Jerry Lewis. More Hollywood will star, too, but the 82nd Airborne Division Soldiers Chorus with music for dancing by Michael Paige will be special hits.

Dodger Jay Johnstone’s home in San Marino has a pretty garden, and that’s the site for the San Marino Guild annual fashion show luncheon and primary fund-raiser for the benefit of the John Tracy Clinic.

Mary Jane Johnstone and her daughter, Mary Jane Sarah, 3, will model. So will Dale and Tony Hernandez and their 13-year-old Joshua; Tom and Patti Sullivan and their Tom; Jeff Float, Olympic swimmer; Tracy Austin, the tennis pro, and Mary Ellen Welch, Debbie Hunnicutt, Jo Lasorda, Ida Bryant and Chantal Westerman.


Mary Jane is chairman, assisted by her “commanding general,” her mother, Mrs. Robert Saunders.

The Peter Max invitations are pretty stunning for the “Ladies of the Eighties” membership luncheon and fashion show the Rainbow Guild hosts Thursday in the Los Angeles Room of the Century Plaza.

They tell us Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby) will be presented the Rainbow’s first Woman of the Year Humanitarian Award. Meralee Goldman, Rainbow founder, and Kim Tragerman, luncheon chairman, will make the presentation.

A double feature will be the California designer fashion show featuring Nolan Miller, Marc Laurent, Susan Freis, Michele Lamy, Roberto Robledo, Primus, Jessica McClintock, Franco Guerri, Gregory Poe and Christine Albers.


More on the committee are Jennifer Goddard, president, and Janice Wallace, Sherry Nussbaum, Nancy Hildebrand, Jan Block, Karen Todman and Annie Foster Richter. The Rainbow has raised nearly $4 million for the Amie Karen Center for the treatment of children with cancer at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Specials: The Esperanza Ball, sponsored by the Founders for Diabetic Research, raised $190,000 for research at the City of Hope. . . .

Westlake School has been awarded $10,000 by the Margaret Hall Foundation to expand its community service program for its students. . . .

Tonight, Frank Rothman, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of MGM/UA Entertainment Co., and Thomas R. Ceglar, chairman of Goodwill Industries of Southern California, will be co-recipients of the Tom Bradley Affirmative Action Award presented by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration (at the Friar’s Club dinner). . . .


USC Friends of Fine Arts host “Autumn Palette by Helga” on Thursday at Le Bel Age. President Happy I. Franklin heads the committee of Pamela Berg, chairman, and Ruth Borden, Bunny David, Joan Harelik, Connie Horak, Ann Martin, Putter Pence and Judy Taylor.

Designer Helga and her husband, Walter Oppenheimer, are avid collectors of modern European art and their collection, which, we hear, inspires Helga’s designs, will be a backdrop for the show of her fall fashions.

Coveted awards for excellence were presented by the UCLA Alumni Assn. at Westwood Plaza on campus. Among them was the special university service award to Sue Young, wife of the university’s chancellor and Class of ’77. A public service award went to Glenn M. Anderson; university service awards to Ann C. Bauman, Caryl Carothers and James H. Kindel Jr., community service awards to James B. Jacobson and Catherine (Kate) Stern and an award of distinction to R. Bruce Merrifield.

The Edward A. Dickson “Alumnus of the Year” Achievement Award went to Steven Muller, Class of ’48. Students and faculty also were honored--among the latter, Patricia Marks Greenfield, David F. Martin, Mark W. Plant, Ross P. Shideler and William D. Warren.