'English-Only Rules Are Un-American'

Del Olmo's contention is that we speak English in the United States only because it is mandated by the rich and powerful. The original colonists who brought this language to our shores were neither.

A little historical research would reveal that we speak English because of a decisive battle on the Plains of Abraham, Quebec, Canada, fought in 1759. The English were victorious over the French, thus establishing English supremacy in the colonies; otherwise, we would be speaking French.

Spanish and French are both beautiful languages. I am very sure, however, that were an English-speaking person to make either Spain or France his home, those countries would not change their languages to accommodate him.

English has been used as an administrative language on five continents and seems to be gaining world acceptance. In this shrinking world one language is essential if we are to communicate, whatever the choice.


Mission Viejo

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