I watch many talk shows on different channels and with the exception of a few men and women, I have yet to see a host or hostess allow the guest to get a word in edgewise.

The worst offenders are Johnny Carson (he steps on every guest's conversation), David Letterman (the jackass of the airwaves), Steve Edwards (his self-contempt is obvious by his insulting attitude toward his guests and his co-hostess), Gary Collins (he looks uncomfortable).

The best of the lot: Dennis Wholey, "Latenight America" (interesting; listens intelligently and features his guests), MBS' and CNN's Larry King (one of the best), Michael Jackson (sometimes good, sometimes mediocre), Barbara Walters (has smoothed out and a bright lady).

But Joan Rivers (phooey!), Phyllis George (insipid), Bryant Gumbel (officious, overbearing), Jane Pauley (one expression, she just smelled something bad), David Hartman (old stone face, cold, cold, cold).

Where are the bright, personable hosts and hostesses to replace these horrors?


Apple Valley

Joey Bishop, call your agent.

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