Defense Cuts

Congratulations to all the senators and members of Congress who are voting to hold the line or cut back on the defense budget in spite of heavy pressures to keep the money rolling back into their states and districts.

I only regret that it takes exorbitantly priced hammers, screw drivers and toilet seats to alarm us. It isn’t just inefficiency and waste that are issues. More important is the matter of national security. The new weapons and anti-weapons are not principally defensive, but offensive--in more than one way--and make the world and our own nation less secure every day.

Frankly, if my money must be collected and distributed to defense contractors, let it be for $700 hammers in preference to MXs, Tridents, and dreams of outer space “defense.”

When did we become so callous and insecure that the only way we know how to think about national security is by counting weapons?



Canoga Park