Reading the Romances

Regarding the "About Women" column of June 9 ("Paperback Romances Seen as a Threat," by Janice Mall): In Gayle Greene's comments about romance novels, or "paperback romances" as she condescendingly terms them, it seems to me she has not kept abreast of the current crop. In the vast majority, a man is no longer the solution to the heroine's problems--instead, he is the icing on the cake, as well he should be. He may offer the heroine some assistance (is this wrong?), but it is largely up to the heroine herself to slay her dragon. The heroines are no longer sitting back and letting men do the job. In fact, to most heroines "having a man" is the last thing on their minds.

As a writer trying to break into the romance field, I fail to see how the new romances are presenting an unrealistic picture or corrupting anyone's mind.



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