The 66th annual graduation ceremonies were held at 3 p.m. Sunday in Drake Stadium.

Degrees: 7,500 diplomas awarded, including 2,500 graduate degrees.

Speaker: Charles E. Young, UCLA chancellor, spoke about a re-awakening of concern for social issues among students. He said: “The class of 1985 will be identified with the year in which students took the country by surprise. You broke through the stereotype of being apathetic and gained new respect for being young people who are willing to work long hours for the sake of others. I hope that you and the graduates that follow you will always be inspired to lead our world toward a brighter tomorrow . . . Having earned your degree from one of the top universities in the nation, society will rightfully expect you to be agents of social change--and not passive followers.”

Honorary Degrees:


Carol Burnett, comedienne, The UCLA Medal: “Since delivering her first humorous lines as a shy UCLA student in the 1950s, (her) talent for making people laugh has brightened hundreds of television programs and numerous feature films and plays.”

Edward W. Carter, chairman emeritus of Carter Hawley Hale Stores Inc., The UCLA Medal: "(He) has been called Southern California’s ‘Renaissance Man’ for his wide-ranging interests, achievements and activities . . . (His) many contributions to the arts in Los Angeles span a period of more than 30 years.”

John R. Wooden, UCLA basketball coach emeritus, The UCLA Medal: "(He) is the only man twice honored by the National Basketball Hall of Fame both as a player and as a coach . . . (He) is known as well for his philosophies as for his trophies . . . (He) is renowned for developing the ‘Pyramid of Success’ to define success for himself, his English students and basketball players.”

Other Graduations:


Occidental College: R. Stanton Avery, Dr. Robert S. Hepler and Ursula Kroeber LeGuin, all recipients of honorary degrees, spoke Sunday to the college’s 355 graduates at the Remsen Bird Hillside Theater on campus. Occidental College President Richard C. Gilman also spoke.

University of California, Riverside: The 30th annual commencement ceremony was held Sunday at the tower mall on campus. Acting Chancellor Dr. Daniel G. Aldrich Jr. delivered the commencement address. Awarded were 740 bachelors degrees, 252 masters and 144 doctoral degrees.