House Approves Incentives for Research, Production of Drugs to Treat Rare Diseases : Incentives to Develop Drugs to Treat Rare Diseases Clear House

Associated Press

The House on Tuesday approved and sent to President Reagan a bill strengthening incentives for research and production of drugs for rare diseases.

The legislation, passed on a 413-0 vote, is designed to encourage drug companies to produce so-called orphan drugs, medication that fights diseases too rare for the drugs to be profitable.

The bill protects developers of orphan drugs for seven years by not allowing competitors to produce the same drug for the same rare disease.

The legislation also authorizes $4 million in each of the next three fiscal years for an orphan drug research grant program.


The Senate passed an orphan drug bill on May 23. The House on Tuesday accepted amendments to make its version conform and sent the legislation to the President. Reagan has indicated he will sign the measure.