3rd Integrity Awards in the Spotlight

Mayor Bradley’s deputy, Dodo Meyer, there with husband Stanley, said she felt “good vibes.” Zsa Zsa Gabor (with Frederick von Amhalt and Carl Parsons) said she knew all about the John-Roger Foundation. Her daughter, Zsa Zsa explained, “told me about it. He (John-Roger) teaches you to live with yourself.” And then smiling broadly Zsa Zsa added, “And he teaches you how to become rich.”

A radiant Leigh Taylor-Young, who was off the next day on a promotional tour for her latest film, “Secret Admirer,” told everyone who stopped her, “It’s (the foundation) about loving and commitment.” Zsa Zsa was all for it. Running into actor Michael Nouri (“Flashdance”) and his fiancee, agent Vicky Light, she threw her arms around Nouri, kissed him and declared, “He was my husband.” After the first startled glances she clarified the issue. “We were together on Broadway in ‘Forty Carats’.”

All of the above and lots more were at a lavish cocktail party (cold seafood, chili, cannelloni) at Chasen’s, a kick-off event for the John-Roger Foundation’s third annual International Integrity Awards (coming up Oct. 25) honoring individuals who have made “a positive impact in our worlds.” At two previous black-tie dinners Integrity Awards have gone posthumously to Mahatma Gandhi and Buckminster Fuller, and also to Mother Teresa, Dr. Jonas Salk and Robert Muller, assistant secretary general of the United Nations.

At last week’s party the names of the two 1985 winners were revealed. Renee Taylor and Joe Bologna, the husband and wife who share movie credits and the same reading glasses, announced one winner, anti-nuclear movement leader Dr. Helen Caldicott. “A tireless worker for world peace” is how Taylor-Bologna described Dr. Caldicott, president of Physicians for Social Responsibility.


Leigh Taylor-Young announced the second recipient--Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley who has shown “his dedication to integrity as a policeman, councilman and mayor.” Explaining that the mayor was “out of town,” Mrs. Meyer said of her boss, “He is what is known as a straight arrow.” The mayor, she added, wants his $10,000 prize to go to the Mayor’s Corporate Challenge for Youth, “an alternative to gang violence.”

The Integrity Awards, the checks and the Tiffany & Co.-donated glass sculptures will be presented to the mayor and Dr. Caldicott at the black-tie October dinner at the Beverly Hilton, which will be co-chaired, as have the previous two, by Annette Saint John Lawrence and Alexandra McMullen.

After the partying and the announcements came more serious stuff. George A. Cappanelli, the foundation’s acting director, Lori Weintraub, MGM president in charge of production, and Patrick Haggerty who is in charge of the Awards Dinner’s underwriting committee, talked about the nonprofit Santa Monica-based foundation’s work (“enriching and uplifting people’s lives”) and urged the crowd to become gala patrons ($10,000), sponsors ($5,000) and to buy tickets ($250 per person).” Quite a few listened and acted. Somewhere in the vicinity of $150,000 was raised at this first try.

Later over dinner, John-Roger, a cherubic-looking man with a cap of curly hair, told us he’d been born in Utah and that he does have a last name. “It’s Hinkins and now you know why I don’t use it.”


Among those on the 1985 International Integrity Benefit Committee are Tiffany Chairman William R. Chaney, Norman Cousins, Jerry and Jane Weintraub, Michael and Pat York, Mrs. Gordon Getty, Robert Rowan, Dr. Salk, Arianna Stassinopoulos, Shirley MacLaine, Lainie Kazan, Jacqueline Bisset, Sheldon W. Andelson, Francesca Hilton, Universal’s Frank Price and his wife Katherine and Count and Countess Patrick de Warren.

Those high-leaping champs, the Lakers, and their boss Jerry Buss did their celebrating the other night at a dinner party in Chasen’s Garden Room. And no one was happier about it all than Lakers fan Maude Chasen. When she heard the team was coming over, she had the outside of the restaurant decorated with flags. Later as she sat at her usual table in the main dining room, Chasen’s Tommy Gallagher made her night by bringing over some Lakers stars like Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy. She would have been jumping for joy except that she broke the heel of one foot a few months back and she’s still having trouble getting around.

The kickoff for the Hollywood Bowl season has always been the dinner dance hosted for the past 32 years by the Hollywood Bowl Patroness Committee. This year, the 33rd annual dinner dance will be held Sunday at the home of Louise and Thomas F. Jones. And the guest of honor is Anita Priest, lecturer, educator and keyboard soloist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Hollywood Bowl orchestras.

Some experienced benefit givers are at the helm. Mrs. John L. Morton is party chairman and Mrs. Warren Williamson is in charge of reservations. Their back-up team consists of Mrs. Robert Craig, John Morton and Joe Coulombe (he’s president of Trader Joe’s). Mrs. Romus Soucek is president of the Patronesses. Joe Moshay and his orchestra will be playing beautiful music and Charlie Bergesch is overseeing the table settings and the floral decor.


That night new Patronesses will be introduced around--Mrs. Timothy Doheny, Mrs. Robert E. Long, Mrs. Sidney Peterson, Mrs. John Worthington Shumway, Mrs. Beatty Ramsay, Mrs. Robert Rand, Mrs. Norman Williamson, Mrs. Charles B. Witt Jr. and Mrs. Maurice Ziegler.

The Social Scramble: Ellen Pollon, a true Gemini, loves parties, particularly when they’re Gemini birthday parties. One of the nicest of this season was the dinner Ellen’s mother, Elisabeth Pollon, gave for her daughter in the cool green-and-white trellised Il Giardino. Helping Ellen blow out the birthday candles were Nicola Minelli, Jack Lowrance and Max Eckert. And watching from other tables were the beautiful Ursula Andress; Victor Drai with Dutch actress (“Princess Daisy”) Marete Van Kamp.

There were some fresh, young faces here and there among the more familiar ones at the Bistro Garden Friday afternoon. Howard Deshong III was celebrating his graduation from the Harvard School (he received a National Merit Scholarship Award) with his grandmother, Lee Annenberg, his step-grandfather, Walter Annenberg, his parents, Diane and Howard Deshong, and his sister, Lee. (Young Howard starts his college career at Harvey Mudd this fall.) Herbert Hoover IV, another graduate, was lunching with his mother, actress Camilla Sparv. Not among the graduates was Don Sterling, who lunched with Bob Anderson.

There’s still a group that prefers the quiet atmosphere of the Bistro (a few of our funsters call it Mother Bistro) where the waving and the table hopping is much more discreet. Count Wallis Annenberg among them. She was there the other noontime taping an interview for TV Guide. Also in serious discussions: Mrs. William French Smith with Flora Thornton; Onnalee Doheny with Martha Lorden and Jane Dart, who was catching a plane right after lunch; Robert Mitchum with an unidentified gentleman; Florence and Robert (Bones) Hamilton; Alice Hessell (off soon to Hawaii to look over her newest grandchild), Midge Clark and Claudia Mirkin.


Owner David Murdock was enjoying a pleasant lunch with Barbara Grant and Della Koenig (they’re co-chairing the November Princess Grace Foundation gala) at his Regency Club. And meanwhile, backstage there are changes brewing. The club’s new general manager is Bonnie Kyle, who joined the organization in 1981 as Giorgio Masini’s secretary. “She’ll be excellent,” says the outgoing Masini, who’ll be announcing his plans next week.

At La Toque over chicken salad and sun-dried tomatoes with mozzarella, Lucy Zahran Bonorris and Phil Greibe were discussing her new Lucy Zahran tabletop accessories boutique set to open Aug. 15 at the Beverly Center and his West Coast launch of the new Estee Lauder fragrance in September.

Giorgio’s Gale Hayman was lucky. By the time she reached Paris and the Hotel Plaza Athenee, the unseasonably cool weather had turned sunny and beautiful. Gale’s holiday included Marie-Helene de Rothschild’s gala at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs. Tout Paris was there, she reports--Yves Saint Laurent, Paloma Picasso, Lynn Wyatt, Anouk Aimee, Joan Collins, Betsy Bloomingdale, Annette Reed, Nan Kempner, Marie-Helene’s husband, the Baron Guy--and the decor was divinely orange from the flowers to the ruffled chair skirts. The Hayman vacation also included tours of Barbizon, the artist’s colony a short drive from Paris, and Vaux-le-Vicomte, the magnificent chateau created by Louis XIV’s finance minister.