Guerrillas Say Marines Were Attack Target

United Press International

A leftist guerrilla group today claimed responsibility for the restaurant massacre of 13 people, saying it was aimed at the four U.S. Marines who were killed.

The Central American Revolutionary Workers Party, one of five rebel armies in the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front fighting the U.S.-backed government, made the claim in a communique sent to a Salvadoran radio station and broadcast immediately.

The guerrillas said the Wednesday night attack was directed at the four Marines eating at a restaurant in an exclusive area of San Salvador. It said the nine other people killed, including two American civilians, were caught in a cross fire when security forces shot at the guerrillas.

“Our commandos take responsibility for the execution of the military-political operation named ‘Yankee Aggressor in El Salvador,’ ” the communique said.


“Another Vietnam awaits you (America) consisting of an annihilating attack on the American military advisers, CIA people and other elements of other nationalities tied to intelligence organizations and to the service of American imperialism that was found in the restaurant known as Chilis, located in the Zona Rosa in the San Benito neighborhood.”