6 Killed in Terrorist Bombing in Nepal

Associated Press

Five bombs exploded Thursday at government buildings, the royal palace and a hotel, killing at least six people in what is believed to be the first major terrorist attack in this Himalayan kingdom.

The government said 16 people were wounded.

No one claimed responsibility, but police suspected the involvement of King Birendra’s political opponents, who are campaigning for a return to multiparty government. There were violent political disturbances in 1979.

The bomb blitz came the day after the 39-year-old king told his opponents that he would thwart any “attempt to undermine peace and order” in the kingdom.


Bombs exploded at a gate of Birendra’s palace, the national legislature, the main government office complex and a hotel lobby, Home Affairs Minister Jog Mehar Shresh said. He said police detained some political activists for interrogation and were hunting several others.

Shresh announced the total casualty figures of six dead and 16 injured.

Two other explosions Thursday wounded three people in the town of Bhairahwa.

The bomb at the national assembly, called the Rashtriya Panchayat, ripped off the door of the meeting hall. Assembly member Damberjang Gurung and an assembly official were killed, and three other people were reported wounded.