Times Staff Writer

Governor Accepted the resignation of Kirk West as secretary of the state Business, Transportation and Housing Agency. West will leave his $78,000-a-year post to become president of the California Chamber of Commerce in the fall. Deputy Secretary David Ackerman will assume West’s duties on an interim basis.

Received an NBA world champion Los Angeles Lakers jersey with No. 2 and his name on it. President Reagan previously received a No. 1 jersey. Lakers’ General Manager Jerry West, forward-guard Michael Cooper and Jeannie Buss, daughter of Lakers owner Jerry Buss, made the presentation. Later, they also gave Laker championship hats to Assembly and Senate leaders.

Assembly Floor Action:

Political Action Committees: Approved and sent to the Senate on a 73-1 vote a bill (AB 688) by Assemblyman Patrick Johnston (D-Stockton) to require political action committees that make campaign contributions to stop using euphemistic titles, such as “Good Government Committee,” and specifically identify who they represent.


Earthquake Bond Issue: Approved and sent to the Senate on a 62-11 vote a bill (AB 939) by Assemblyman Richard Alatorre (D-Los Angeles) to authorize a $500-million bond issue for repair and restoration of public buildings damaged or destroyed by an earthquake or other natural disaster.

Senior Citizens Housing: Approved and sent to the Senate on a 62-11 vote a bill (AB 2051) by Assemblyman Gray Davis (D-Los Angeles) to authorize a $600-million bond issue for rental housing for senior citizens and disabled persons on the June, 1986, ballot.

Cancer Registry: Approved and sent to the Senate on a 70-1 vote a bill (AB 136) by Assemblyman Lloyd G. Connelly (D-Sacramento) to set up a statewide cancer registry to compile information that could be used to monitor outbreaks of the disease.

Committee Action:


Death Penalty: The Assembly Ways and Means Committee rejected a bill (AB 1467) by Assemblyman Gary A. Condit (D-Ceres) that would have expanded the list of crimes subject to the death penalty when combined with murder; required appeals to be processed quickly by the state Supreme Court; prohibited judges from dismissing jury death penalty findings, and increased the minimum prison sentence required before first-degree murderers are eligible for parole. The vote was 11 to 5, but 12 votes were required for approval on the 23-member panel.

Senate Floor Action: Campaign Consultants: Approved and sent to the Assembly on 28-4 vote a bill (SB 1043) by Sen. Alfred E. Alquist (D-San Jose) that would require state registration and regulation of election campaign consultants.

Stud-Horse Poker: Rejected a bill (SB 825) by Sen. Bill Greene (D-Los Angeles) to allow stud-horse poker to be played in card parlors. The vote was 20 to 15, but a 21-vote majority was needed for approval. The governor vetoed a similar bill last year.

Animals: Approved and sent to the Assembly on a 21-11 vote a bill (SB 1405) by Senate President David A. Roberti (D-Los Angeles) to allow humane officers to inspect animal research laboratories at regular intervals to check on possible cruelty to animals.


Election Ticket: Approved and sent to the Assembly on a 27-4 vote a constitutional amendment (SCA 6) by Sen. Leroy Greene (D-Carmichael) to require that the governor and the lieutenant governor run as a ticket from the same political party starting in 1990. This would avoid a repetition of the current situation in which the two officeholders are from different parties.

Unemployment Insurance: Approved and sent to the Assembly on a 21-14 vote a bill (SB 390) by Sen. Herschel Rosenthal (D-Los Angeles) to increase the maximum unemployment insurance weekly benefit from the current $166 to $186 next year and to $206 in 1987.