The following letter from E.T. (as translated by those he trusts) is in response to last Sunday's Calendar cover, inset, which showed him wearing drug paraphernalia. It was delivered by friends of E.T.'s from Universal Studios and Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment. Calendar Section Earth Dear Calendar:

I'm very sad; life at the top can be lonely. I just got off the intergalactic cellular with Elliott. He read me John M. Wilson's article ("The Second Coming"), and then transmitted a facsimile of the drawing that appeared on the cover of Calendar dated June 16, 1985, Earth years. I was flattered to be dressed up like Mr. T. until I learned what those little charms were around my neck--and that Mr. T. would never be caught with those things around his.

It seems a pity that you should choose to portray me as glorifying such vices in a mean-spirited way. What's really painful about your decision to show me with drug paraphernalia is the realization that those too young to read the article but old enough to look at pictures may be very hurt and confused. I gather your decision was motivated by a need to sell more newspapers, which is certainly ironic in view of the content of Wilson's article about the marketing of E.T.

Well, I must admit that as Elliott read me your article my heart light began to fade. After all, I ended up on your planet by accident, and look at all the trouble I seem to have caused. I'll try not to bother you anymore. But for those who want me, "I'll be right here!"

Be Good,


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