I find it most amusing that John Badham, two years after inappropriately garnering all the success for "WarGames," still finds it important to belittle Marty Brest's contribution while playing up his own ("Badham and Tesich Become Cyclemates," by Roderick Mann, June 19).

Badham, it should be pointed out once and for all, came on to this movie after the re-write had been closely supervised by Brest; the picture had been cast by Brest; the picture had been designed under Brest's supervision and the picture had in fact been shooting.

The picture was closed down for such an extremely short period of time that even Badham, with all his self-proclaimed talent and wisdom, would have had a tough time effecting the changes for which he would like to take credit.

Let it suffice to say that Brest's next movie was "Beverly Hills Cop." Let's see what Badham's will be.


Los Angeles

Now a movie producer, Ufland was Brest's agent during the making of "WarGames."

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