'Facts' Can Mislead

Too frequently, factual information can be very misleading--even detrimental--to those who need specific information and extrapolate broad "facts" to inappropriate conclusions.

As clarification to your June 16 real estate section article "Vacancy Rate . . . San Gabriel Valley," the Puente Hills Business Center, described as a "125,000 square foot, six-story structure" has enjoyed tremendous success (as reported by The Times several weeks ago).

At present, 46,000 square feet are leased--and occupied--not so bad considering a building certified for occupancy in March. When one considers that Phase 1 of this project (another 102,000 square feet) is 98% leased, one begins to see a vastly different picture than that suggested by the article.

Numbers, statistics, vacancies, etc., can be very helpful--but need to be used with great care if one is to truly understand the marketplace. Hopefully, this input, however incomplete, will provide a balance.



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