New Zealand Surprise

I am sure that Bruce Hamby's June 2 article about New Zealand would come as a surprise to the average New Zealander. My husband and I, both Enzedders, have lived in California for over 20 years and, in our early days here, found that nobody seemed to have heard of B&Bs.;

They are, in fact, taken for granted there since my grandmother's day and we have often stayed in them--family homes with a spare room or two--neat, clean, no frills and inexpensive. Very much like staying with friends overnight, and usually identified by an inconspicuous sign at the front.

What is described in the article is known as a private hotel, a business operation far too lavish to be known as a bed and breakfast.

Praise of New Zealand food comes as no surprise. It has always been excellent because of its fine, natural flavor, but the idea of a Californian claiming to have introduced an idea which was old when we were children is indeed a big mistake.



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