Burbank Seeks Talks on Beach Boys Concert

Burbank City Council members, distressed over the scheduling of a Beach Boys concert in the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Griffith Park, said Tuesday that they would ask for a meeting with Equestrian Center officials.

Councilmen Bob Bowne and Michael Hastings said they were concerned about noise and traffic problems that the event might create for Burbank residents near the center. During discussion of the issue at Tuesday night’s council meeting, they also complained that the concert, scheduled for Aug. 17, violates the horse-related concept of the center.

“I think we should explore avenues other than litigation to see if we can stop this,” Bowne said. “I can’t conceive of the Equestrian Center accommodating a rock concert of this magnitude.”

Center officials said that the concert, a benefit for handicapped children, will be held on the Grand Prix arena, which seats about 15,000.


Acting City Atty. Doug Holland said he would contact center president J. Albert Garcia today to discuss the center’s plans for parking. Holland also said he would contact Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department officials to determine if the center had overstepped its bounds in hosting the event.

The center is owned by the City of Los Angeles and lies on the Los Angeles side of the Los Angeles-Burbank border.