L.B. Councilman Replies to Critics

I read with interest the letter (Southeast/Long Beach sections, June 20) severely criticizing me for resisting certain demands of the lesbian and gay community and those seeking to restrict U.S. Navy activities in Long Beach Harbor.

As for the Lesbian and Gay Pride Festival and Parade, I oppose any organization taking over our newest shoreline park during the warm-weather season, charging $5 admission for entrance to a facility that already belongs to the public, and selling alcoholic beverages. That's my position, and I know of no constitutional issue supporting anyone's right to sell beer and wine or charge admission in a free public park.

As for the parade, that is a constitutional right, but I don't think the public is compelled to pay the costs of traffic or crowd control to further other people's social advocacy.

As for a nuclear-free harbor, advocates of that proposal are welcome to petition, parade or whatever, but I represent a large majority of constituents who are well pleased with the proud history of U.S. Navy operations in Long Beach and don't think it to be the role of city government to enter into the vital strategic policies of its armed forces.

I respect the right of everyone to their opinions, and do hope the letter writer will respect the views of my constituents and their elected representative.


Long Beach city councilman

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