$3 Million Donated for L.A. High-Tech Children’s Zoo

A private foundation announced today a $3-million grant to the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Assn. for construction of a new “high-tech” children’s zoo to be called Adventure Island.

The grant was made by the Weingart Foundation, which contributes to social welfare, arts, education and children’s programs.

Morris A. Densmore, the foundation’s president, said the grant would have pleased the organization’s late benefactors, Ben and Stella Weingart, because they loved children but could not have youngsters of their own.

“This is the largest grant the zoo has ever received,” Marcia Hobbs, president of the association, said at a news conference. “We are creating a whole new adventure here at the Los Angeles Zoo.”


Adventure Island, to be built on the site of the present two-acre Children’s Zoo, will feature computers and landscaping designed to simulate the animal kingdom. “While they are there, we want everybody to play, touch and become a part of the environment,” said Hobbs.

The complete cost of the addition will be $6 million, with the rest coming from private donations. It is scheduled to open in November, 1987, to coincide with the zoo’s 22nd birthday.