Santa Monica Turns Down Donation of Modern Sculpture

The Santa Monica City Council has turned down the donation of a sculpture from the Karl Bornstein Gallery for the median strip at Olympic Boulevard and 12th Street. A model of the sculpture sat on the dais as the council members made the decision.

The proposed sculpture is a contemporary design that did not please some members of the council.

The donation was made on the condition that the sculpture be placed near the Karl Bornstein Gallery. "It's right in front of his place of business. I'm concerned about that as a precedent," Councilman David G. Epstein said. "I'm concerned that someday McDonald's will donate a glazed-over hamburger sculpture."

Councilman James P. Conn voted to accept the sculpture, which was recommended by the city's Art Commission. "It seems to me that the last thing we ought to do is turn down a piece of art," Conn said. "I think it is a step backwards in terms of making art available" to the public.

Councilman William H. Jennings voted to accept the sculpture, Councilman Dennis Zane against.

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