Q: All the reports on the...

Q: All the reports on the new fall fashions talk about slender--if not skinny--pants; yet, the pattern catalogues all show the standard 16- or 17-inch hemline circumference. Are you aware of any pattern companies that offer patterns for narrower pants?--M.T. A: The company is Vogue and the pattern is Anne Klein's Style 2817, illustrated here. The circumference of each pant leg is 13 inches--the narrowest of any style in the current catalogues. The Anne Klein pattern also includes the tunic and poncho in our sketch. Other narrower-than-usual pants patterns include Vogue 1488 by Joseph Picone (pants circumference 14 inches), Vogue 1327 by Perry Ellis (14 1/2 inches) and Vogue 1558 by Ralph Lauren (15 inches). The newly narrow pants are all shown with big tops.

Q: I have a silk charmeuse robe by Lore, with Calais lace edging the sleeve cuff, hem and the cape-like attachment that extends over the shoulders of the robe. My problem is that I have ripped the lace on the front of the hem. Is there a way to replace the lace? I don't want to convert the robe into any other type of clothing.--C.H. A: Lore Caulfield, who owns Lore Lingerie, says that if you will write to her and enclose a rough sketch of the lace, she will try to identify it. She changes her lace trims every year or so, but she will send you another piece of lace if she still has your style in stock. Be sure you specify the color of your robe when you write to Caulfield at 3745 Overland Ave., Los Angeles 90034.

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