Teacher’s and Student’s Views of Project Self-Esteem

Re your article about the group of parents suing the school district because it elected to implement Project Self-Esteem in the elementary classroom:

As a parent volunteer teacher of this program at V.K. Boos Fundamental School in Westminster, I have had firsthand experience witnessing its positive results.

I have seen this program help the children not only survive the challenges of growing up but also adopt a more considerate attitude toward each other. There is less tattling, less teasing and less bullying.

Project Self-Esteem teaches the basics of success philosophy. We also teach assertive communication skills, memorization exercises, listening skills and the fundamentals of goal setting--the same courses I was offered at Xerox Corp. and Merrill Lynch as part of their management readiness program. Imagine learning these tools at such an early age.


More importantly, Project Self-Esteem teaches that it’s OK to like yourself--you’d be surprised how many children don’t know this. Matter of fact, most parents don’t understand this either.

I applaud Sandy Spurgeon McDaniel and her organization for offering to Orange County an educational experience that is so important to the growth of loving, successful human beings.

I applaud the Orange County School District for having the insight to implement Project Self-Esteem.

For the few in San Juan Capistrano who don’t understand this program and oppose it, there are hundreds, even thousands more, who will cheer on such programs.