The Single Cruise

Since I am a single traveler I can appreciate and enjoyed Nieli Falk's letter of June 9 regarding the Royal Cruise Line--every word true. I would like to mention the Odyssey Club. All members are repeaters. When the captain issues an invitation to a cocktail party, everyone goes, simply because almost everyone is a repeater. A tip--book early. Reservations start far in advance for both the Golden Odyssey and Royal Odyssey.

If you are single, an outstanding feature is that the Royal Cruise Line will guarantee a roommate. I made this request on my fourth cruise and it turned out great. For many would-be passengers, the latest news is that you may finance your cruise.

I agree, the Royal Cruise Line should not have been left out of the recent Mature Traveler article. This cruise line offers a very personal and caring touch which I have not found on other cruise ships.


Van Nuys

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