Observations on Drunk Driving

On April 1, 1984, I was in an accident that almost took four lives, including mine.

One of the victims in the other car got her legs so smashed up that she could see her bones sticking out of her legs through all the blood. Her head was cut so badly she had to have stitches.

Her boyfriend, who was driving, was pushed under the dashboard and was in a coma for 31 days. He now has brain damage. The lady will probably never be able to walk again without the use of crutches.

My sister and I were in my car. We came out of it better than they did. Right now I am serving a sentence in the California Youth Authority for what I did. But jail time will never ease the suffering I'm going through right now for those people that I hurt. That night will haunt me the rest of my life. I thank the Lord everyday that I didn't kill those people.

I'm only 20 years old, and I've learned my lesson young. What I did to those other people happened because I had to drink a few beers and drive my car. I can tell you something. It wasn't worth it. Not because of the jail time, but because of the pain I feel for them, and the sorrow. I put their family through suffering and mine as well.

Please, I'm just trying to tell you ahead of time, don't drink and drive. I know you're saying, "I've done it before, and I know I can handle it." Hey, I said the same thing. Please don't end up like I did.



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