epiphyllum exposure

I read the article about epiphyllums (not orchid cacti) in the Home magazine dated June 2 (Orchid Cacti: Stunning Blooms on Ugly Plants). The pictures were lovely and well produced. Not since the article written by Carolyn Strickler and printed in the magazine for June 11, 1967, has there been such exposure in The Times for our special kind of plants, so we are appreciative. However, as you might expect, there are a few points for correction I would like to bring to your attention. The three small blooms, Kami, Lawrence and Oakleigh Conquest are not epiphyllums, they are aporophyllums, related to epiphytes but not the same, as you can see if you look closely at the growth pictured. Some of the flowers are fragrant, but not many, as the article would lead one to suppose. Hurst Nursery in El Monte this year is celebrating its 25th year of operation. To find it left out completely is simply not understandable to me. The owners are without doubt the largest growers of epiphyllums in the world. Mary Ellen Guffey may be of the opinion that epiphyllums are "ugly plants"; that may be a catchy phrase, but they are not really ugly. They are a lush green when grown properly, gracefully cascading as hanging plants or trellised to conserve space.

Velma Featherstone


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