Redondo Beach : $14-Million Hotel OKd Over Veto by Mayor

Mayor Barbara Doerr made one last attempt this week to block a development agreement between the city and developer Les Guthrie, but the City Council voted to override the mayor's veto of a $14-million hotel and sports complex at King Harbor.

Without discussion, the mayor vetoed the council's final approval of the agreement, which calls for a 156-room hotel and sports center, including a swimming pool. Also without discussion, the council overrode the mayor's action by a 5-0 vote. Four votes are required to override a veto.

Last week, when the council gave preliminary approval to the project, Doerr said she opposed it because it did not require Guthrie to build an Olympic-size swimming pool. The agreement gives Guthrie the option of building an Olympic-size pool or a smaller "lap" pool.

Doerr has been a vigorous opponent of the project from its inception two years ago, saying the harbor area did not need another large hotel. She helped lead an unsuccessful petition drive last winter that would have imposed new development restrictions at King Harbor in an effort to block the project.

Meanwhile, in a letter released this week by Doerr, Guthrie asked Gov. George Deukmejian to help change the "anti-business, anti-visitor attitudes" of some of the city's elected Republicans.

Guthrie charged in the letter that Doerr, City Clerk John Oliver and City Treasurer Alice DeLong "have been working overtime to scuttle any progressive programs" to help bring business and tourism to the city.

Oliver and DeLong sponsored with Doerr the unsuccessful petition drive, which would have blocked or seriously delayed Guthrie's plans.

Doerr described the letter as "strange," saying she has supported over $200 million in new development in the city during the past several years, including a 353-room Sheraton hotel.

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